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spotify api
· 2017 ·

This is an experiment with React and Spotify Web Api. The app uses Spotify's API to retrieve real-time playing track and music genres.

By default the information showed is coming from my personal Spotify account.

antonio-in-the-land-of-techno-1This is what you see when I'm in the land of Techno

The app supports also Spotify Connect, so you can try it yourself with your Spotify account. Needless to say, authentication is between you and Spotify, nobody else will be able to see your playback information.


You can also revoke authorization anytime by going on your Spotify dashboard:

Account -> Apps -> In the land of Techno -> Revoke access


What's the point? Is this useful?

Not at all. This is mainly a code playground for me. Plus: I like Spotify.

"In the land of Techno?" What does that mean?

Once I referred to myself working with super-loud headphones as being "in the land of Techno". That's it, I have a weird sense of humor.

I'm afraid of clicking "Connect". Will you steal my info / password?

Of course not. The authentication is done with the official Spotify Connect procedure. I will only obtain your temporary token (valid for 1 hour) which, by the way, I'm not even storing because I'm too lazy.

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